It really was a privilege to be part of Randa and Frank’s wedding, together with their loving family and friends.
Both Randa and Frank are very sweet, kind, and thoughtful, and they hold their family and friends very dear to their hearts. Frank’s parents just celebrated their anniversary couple days before Randa and Frank’s wedding day, and they were presented with a surprise video of their wedding 30 year ago, and got to dance to their Bridal Waltz once again, and these all were especially prepared by Randa & Frank. How thoughtful and sweet! 🙂

Randa was pretty nervous in the morning, with all the preparation and everything (she even prepared cute pots with herbs plants as gifts to guests), but once she saw Frank, all the worry and nervousness gone just like that! 🙂

Thank you Randa and Frank, for trusting us to video your special day. We wish you a journey full of love, laughters, surrounded by your wonderful families and friends.

Makeup by: Kristyan Low
Photographer: Adam Spooner Photography