Capturing your wedding day
and making it a 'forget-me-not' experience.


Forgetmenot was established in 2010, having a background in photography and worked as a video editor Julius decided to start a wedding video business that focus in quality yet affordable in price. We wanted to create a wedding video that is modern, emotive and stylish capturing the laughters, tears of joy and re-embracing the feeling and emotions.

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Our team

Marina (Videographer / editor)

profile2Marina is our full time editor, she has now taken over the whole operation 🙂 from pre-wedding script writing, planning, videographer, and editor, there is nothing she can’t do.

Julius (Videographer / editor)

profile1Worked in various area such as photography, editing video, graphic design, and previously worked as an art director for over 10 years, he brings his experience and knowledge infusing what he know with wedding videography.

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